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  • content creation and curation

Vlisco has been designing and manufacturing distinctive fabrics loved by African women since 1846. In 2018, Vlisco was building a new website. In collaboration with the content team, I revised, 'cleaned up' and recreated the copy and imagery that tell the stories of Vlisco's heritage, craft and design signature. In addition to the website, I regularly wrote lookbook descriptions, taglines and editorial articles that supported Vlisco's seasonal campaigns. Here I share just a few examples.


For a limited collection of silk scarves, I wrote the campaign tagline: Soft silk, bold design.


All aspects of Vlisco's craft ensure that each design is turned into a durable, but above all, unique piece of textile. For the website, I wrote about the unique processes of colour creation, printing-techniques and design. In addition, I photographed the colour laboratory.

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Many of Vlisco's campaigns were strongly driven by the stories of inspiring figures from the creative scene on the continent and around the globe. To highlight those stories, I conducted interviews and wrote editorial articles.

For example, I interviewed a mother-daughter business duo for a mother's day campaign, and profiled dozens of women who modeled in Vlisco's (then) biggest brand campaign, and spoke to three brides about their crazy beautiful wedding days- and gowns.

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An 'about'-text is arguably the hardest one to write for many brands. For Vlisco this was no different. How can you be concise when describing a 175- year old company history, and a brand identity that is intertwined with so many cultures and crafts? See how I managed on Vlisco's about page.